About Us And Contact Us

Welcome to our store! 

We are Bombardier and Son. A family run business (father and son) who love collectibles, and vintage. This is our comic book store page you are reading this on, but we also deal in other areas of collecting. We run an auction house in Jacksonville, FL for all things collectible. Comics are my passion project side of the Business (Ray, the son). I enjoy working with artists and creating exclusive covers and making cool things happen! We hope we can provide you all with great artwork on some great books! If you want to see out other size of the business check the footer links.

Our Promise 

We hope we can gain your trust in our business. We are not like the normal comic book store, we are not here to milk the market for cash. We love the community and have been on the buyer side for a long time, so we understand what collectors like and want. We will always be up front about print runs, we will not hold back and sell later any variants or secret variants such as metals or foils. Everything we plan to print and sell will be available to everyone right up front. Loyalty is important, but so is being fair to all. 

Thank you for your support!



Basic information:

Company Name: Zweeres LLC ; DBA (Doing Business As Bombardier and Son)

Commercial space I run the business out of is in Jacksonville FL and it's a shared space for my eBay and Auction house selling business. 

2120 Corporate Square Blvd STE# 23 Jacksonville, FL 32216 

We plan to open a retail location in the future for all the things we love to do, granted we can afford to :)