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Bombardier and Son

CANCELED #1 - Exclusive Cover by Trey Antley

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Exclusive By Trey Antley
In hand and ready to ship. Trey was able to gift the store some incase folks wanted to order. so you could say these are from the personal collection of Trey Antley! Only 4 available.

(W) David A Byrne (A) Pabliku Man & Various (CA) Trey Antley
Black Caravan Imprint: From the writer of Stake comes the first Black Caravan Premiere title, Canceled! When washed-up kids show host Larry finds himself replaced by Cruncho the Clown, he tries to destroy the local town television tower, but instead gets himself electrocuted...and sucked into the airwaves. Canceled crosses four eras with four different artists with unique styles including Pabliku Man, Renan Balmonte, Medmanga, and Nick Justus and incentive covers from Ed Bickford and Zu Orzu!