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Eternus #1 - Marvin Tabacon Exclusive DEBUT Cover - Andy Serkis

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This is a PRE-SALE Comic due to release on 8/3/2022 (Subject to change)

This Exclusive book is Limited to just 250 Undressed (virgin), and 50 Metal copies, Do not miss out on this cover! We have published Marvin Tabacon for the first time. Marvin has been a colorist for cover arts for quite some time, and now it's his time to shine. The work speaks for itself! 

Another reason to be excited is that THE Andy Serkis is involved in the project!!! 

All copies sold by us, and the partners of this sale will come with the Metal Card COA! To know that you are getting these books from the source! All COAs are individually numbered as well. COA art to be released once it's ready! We are revamping the art for the COAs from here on out.

No signed or graded copies are being offered at this time. We may offer them for sale after we receive some back as we will submit a few.. but Marvin is overseas and it will be a very slow process.

This is our exclusive, but we have partnered with 2 other stores and some smaller partners as well.

When we sell out of our copies I will list where you can find more here:


(W) Don Handfield, Anastazja Davis (A) Karl Moline, Andy Owens (CA) Marvin Tabacon
From creators Andy Serkis and Andrew Levitas! 360 CE. The great god Zeus is long dead, brutally murdered in his own temple some thirty years prior. Heracles, Zeus's son and champion, spends his days drunk and depressed as the old gods struggle to stay alive after decades of Christian disruption. When Athena's Temple is sacked by a mysterious Centurion looking for a powerful relic that once belonged to Zeus, the old gods are convinced they have found Zeus's killer. Now the mighty Heracles must sober up long enough to keep the lone witness, a 9-year-old blind priestess, alive long enough to identify the killer and finally find justice for his dead father. The main cover features beautiful Rob Prior wraparound artwork!