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Bombardier and Son

PREY FOR THE SINNER #2 Aaron Bartling Exclusive Cover LTD to ONLY 50 COPIES!!!!

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Has Trade Dress on the final cover. First pic is art only. 2nd pic is a sample of the trade dress. 3rd is photo of the book, Numbered /50

The Story:


   The story of Synthia "SYN" Kemp continues as her interstellar bloody... violent... mission of revenge takes her to a remote corner of the galaxy for a confrontation with the vicious Graxxx.

   But will she catch up to Graxxx before the authorities catch up to her?

Marat Mychaels latest creation tells an intricate story with twists and turns that will leave you wanting the next issue!

   Issue #2 is told from two perspectives. Story one is illustrated by Dietrich Smith and story two is illustrated by Ryan Kincaid and Adelso Corona.

This creates a unique look at the scope of the story.

The Details:

Written by creator Marat Mychaels and beautifully illustrated by Dietrich Smith, Ryan Kincaid and Adelso Corona! The vivid colors of Anthony George tie the art together seamlessly. This second chapter to our saga features some elite talent!

Prey for the Sinner #2  features 20, full-color, pages of story and art! 


MARAT MYCHAELS (Creator, Writer, Letterer ): Marat has worked as a penciler for most major publishers including Marvel, DC, Image, Coffin Comics, Dynamite, Zenescope, and many more. In 2013 he founded Counterpoint Comics and quickly found success as a publisher.  He recently  focused on his writing  and is enjoying the same success he has in all the other aspects of his career.

DIETRICH SMITH (Illustrator):   One of the most underrated illustrators in the comic book industry.  Dietrich has worked for every publisher including; Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Boom Studios, Dynamite Entertainment and many more.

RYAN KINCAID  (Illustrator):  Known mostly for his cover work, Ryan rarely steps outside of his creator-owned Persuasion series to do interior art.  We are beyond excited to have Ryan join us for this issue.

ADELSO CORONA (INKER): When talking about great embellishers in the comic industry, Adelso Corona is on everyone's list. He brings his amazing inks to make Ryan's work shine even more.

ANTHONY GEORGE (Colorist): Anthony has graced many books with his amazing hues including  Blood Strike, Graveyard Shift, Notti & Nyce and Battle Fairy and the Yeti.

RUSS CASSEDAY (Editor/KS Design): Russ has been coloring for Marat since 2019, but has since taken on more of a behind-the-scenes, business admin role. He edits most of Counterpoint‘s books, administers the webpage, sets up the kickstarters, and whatever else Marat needs.