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Bombardier and Son Comics and Collectibles

(RAW UNSIGNED ONLY) Scout Comics - Stake Presents Jessamy #1 Exclusive LIMITED 50/10 Art by Eamon Hill

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Signing event is ON. so I removed the signed/graded options.

I will update the listing for some raw unsigned options when I have a count of what's left.


ATTENTION!!!!! This is the FIRST TIME EVER That STAKE Creators, David Byrne and Francesca Fantini will be together for an event.

DOUBLE SIGNATURES will be super sought after.

This is our first signing event!

We are only offering 50 trade dress, and 10 foil copies of our Exclusive! Cover art by Eamon Hill. It is an Homage to Underworld


We wanted to be able to make these the best deal possible!!!

Raw or Graded. I will split up the options, and if one option is getting selected and sells out super quick I will allocate the stock to the ones people want.

Double remarks available!!!!!! 

This is a rare event, so if you want both creators signatures, on an awesome horror style cover  homage to Underworld... Here is your chance!!!

Grading we can only promise 9.6 or better. We are not sure how the handling of the comics will be at the event or at CGC lately.. 

About the comic;

It started with a whisper…

In a mid-18th American tavern, a simple game of one-upmanship sends the rumor of monsters in the New World up the eastern seaboard and across the Atlantic.

In a world where vampires are real, but still hidden, there is a global network in place to ensure the secret remains hidden.

Jessamy is an old vampire (don’t ask how old, it’s impolite) whose job is to keep the secret world of vampires hidden from humanity. When an ally in the New World sends word of rumors of a plantation with monsters eating their slaves, Jessamy is dispatched to investigate and, if necessary, eliminate the threat to the balance between man and vampire.

Join Jessamy as she travels to the New World and investigates the rumors as she makes her way to the Chateau de Sang et des Fleurs.

Set in the world of Stake, but 250 years before Angel “Stake” Beltran Stinson was even born, see Jessamy in action in Stake Presents: Jessamy!