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Spawn #1 Jamie Foxx Cover - Novelty Blacklight Metal Variant by Marvin Tabacon - LTD 20!

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A gorgeous piece by Marvin Tabacon. These glow in Blacklight!

Add one of these to your collection for your blacklight wall. Don't have a backlight wall? Here is a great reason to start one. 


Metal Comic Book Variant! (Limited to 20) 

Guts: Spawn #1 Image First 6th print

 Art shown is the final artist art. Blacklight Metal prints a bit different due to the effects. It looks a hell of a lot bigger than my camera can pickup too!


The Variant Metal Cover is a NOVELTY item. It is not a Publisher created metal, it was simply custom made by us and attached. This is for fun, and not meant to be graded. CGC and CBCS will not recognize this as a published variant. I am not a dark colored flag sorry I can't cheat the system!  This is a Metal Print, being added to an existing comic. FOR FUN! Also, some covers may not be perfectly aligned.