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Bombardier and Son

Tales Of Mother F. Goose – Exclusive Robert Hack Variant LTD 300 BLADE RUNNER HOMAGE

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 This Exclusive cover by Robert Hack homages the classic Blade Runner poster and is limited to 300 copies. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! 

We are a small wholesale partner, We will ship when in-hand, Expect 2 weeks after release. 


he Three Little Pigs are gluttonous casino owners. Little Miss Muffet is a hard-nosed cop with arachnophobia. The Three Blind Mice are ocularly impaired assassins. Puss in Boots is a feline-faced scumbag.

Welcome to MOTHER F. GOOSE, where your favorite fairy tales are turned into twisted characters right out of a Tarantino movie. Picking up from “LITTLE RED HOOD” (SHOCK) and “ALONG CAME A SPIDER” (AFTERDARK), we will make you a promise: this is the book that will ruin your childhood. Sorry, kids!